Your Ticket to Traditional Media

    Credibility as an Online Media Expert goes a long way toward helping you secure placements on national talk shows, both TV and radio, as well as increasing your speaking and corporate spokesperson opportunities.

    If you’ve secured prominent Online Expert Placements, consider moving to the next level. Leverage your current exposure, credibility and unique segments only you can create and expand your press kit to include the crucial elements producers and editors need to see.

    Logos, testimonials from editors, traffic and platform statistics to showcase how many people are exposed to your work monthly all contribute to your ongoing success as a media expert.

    What does this next step involve? Pitching highly targeted, unique, news related topics will make the difference in getting attention or being passed by. Take the time to scan the home page of popular current event sites and news sites to review trending topics.

    Once you have a sense of the events, send your bio, solutions and strategies to demonstrate you have the knowledge, tips and credibility to be THE go-to expert for that topic. Include your media reel so producers can review your past work and assess your media appeal.

    As key media contacts see your information repeatedly, recognize you have a platform being seen by millions and a unique message they will seek you out. Just be sure you have the pitch, the credibility and the knowledge to be their first choice on your area of expertise.

    Sandy Lane PR provides placements on prominent online websites as well as traditional media placements. Contact us us to discuss how we can help you define, reach out and secure the media you need to reach your audience.

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