Make it Count: The Top Three Rules in Online PR

    We’ve heard the stories over and over again sadly….authors, experts and companies who set up a PR campaign and have high hopes that the right placements will create impact, sales, increased media interest, etc. only to be seriously disappointed when the visibility did not translate to actual revenue.

    In today’s complicated world it simply doesn’t work that way. There is so much competition for new products and information that simply securing great media is not enough to justify the expense. The first question that anyone should ask a publicist before embarking on a campaign is “how will this exposure translate to increased revenue?”

    If they can’t develop and implement a solid revenue model that will be impacted directly as a result of a media campaign then I would be wary indeed.

    The days of simply hiring a publicist who will garnish great interviews, secure media exposure and add to your resume of exciting placements is long gone. People are not spending money out of curiosity or because Oprah said so anymore.

    They will purchase products and services but only if they meet certain criteria. Here are three tips to keep in mind:

    1. Influence: It still helps if Oprah or other influential people push your book or product. But now there has be to be a definite reason. So when you send out your pitches be sure you are showcasing the clear and obvious benefits of the product and not just describing it  and ‘selling’ it.

    2. Solve a Problem: It has to solve an immediate issue and do so reasonable simply. People are overwhelmed in today’s world. If they are going to utilize an outside resource they want that resource to make their life better in a hurry and without a lot of difficulty. That doesn’t mean you have to water down your message or strategies but the more you can display them in bite-sized pieces that people can easily manage, the more likely they are to commit to purchasing them.

    3. Variety of Products: I know that sounds simplistic but you need to diversify and have more than one book, or even several books to sell. You can create a wide variety of products to encourage people to want to purchase from you easily. This can be done through affiliate products, digital products and e-books. Speaking services, coaching and webinars are also popular and relatively simple to implement.

    Use your content and your credibility to excite your audience. Create an interest in your message and develop an attractive site that is easy to navigate. But the real magic in increasing revenue online today is in the actual products and services mix and in getting the word out to a very specific and targeted demographic who have a high probability of interest in purchasing what you offer.

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