Become a Global Expert in 6 Steps

    I hear it everyday. Highly credible authors and experts who have built a solid platform, perhaps even published a book or two. The next step? It’s daunting! It’s a mystery and it’s overwhelming. Experts ask me daily…Where to start?

    How do I set myself apart from the thousands of experts in my genre competing for the same media real estate?

    It’s like most things in life. When you are a global expert there is a solid path…
    A clear strategy to get from A to B. You have that expertise in your genre. I have that same knowledge and expertise in my topic.

    So let’s take a look at the specific steps that will catapult you into becoming a global expert. Steps that will provide you with a global platform reaching more than 100 million monthly uniques online in your targeted demographic and the steps that will create a clear pathway to your door for the producers of today’s leading media.

    Don’t leave any stone…Or in this case, step…Unturned.

    1. Credibility. To become truly recognized as a global expert there is no getting around this step. Education, knowledge, experience, certifications, connections, media… There are several ways to establish global credibility. And establish it you must. Without it, you will be invisible to major media and never gain the trust of the public. Both are essential to creating the global prominence you seek and ultimately, the sales to move your business forward.
    2. Content. Global experts have a strong voice. They have something to say…everyday. They speak out about a great number of topics. They know the difference between a blog and an article and they understand how the presentation of both on their own site and on external sites will make or break their global presence as a respected expert. Creative, insightful, timely, and innovative content that has a unique twist on trending topics is your key to global expert status.
    3. Accessible. There is certainly no shortage of highly credible and renowned experts in the world. The truly magical experts that millions respond to have one thing not many others have. You want to have them over for coffee. You want to know them personally and in many cases, you feel like you already do know them well. Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Dr. Laura… They inspire that powerful word called trust. Not just because of their credentials, but because of their stories. Their life experience tells us they have “been there” and elevates them beyond “just” a highly respected expert. They feel like a friend who truly cares.
    4. Frequency. There is no getting around this one. World-class experts are present… Every day and everywhere. You hear about them constantly. They are quoted, published, interviewed, shared, and argued and debated about relentlessly. This is a crucial component of a global expert.
    5. Research-based. There is no room for laziness or half-hearted attempts to discuss your topics if you are looking to become a global expert. You need to have timely, research-based content on your website and on external websites to be taken seriously. Ideally, you create your own research to truly set yourself apart as the definitive resource in your niche. At the very least provide solid sources to quote and to mix in with research you cull on your own. Become the media’s go-to resource by creating the news and not just talking about it.
    6. Expansion. Most experts have so many wonderful topics they can discuss. Initially it can be a challenge to whittle it down to just a few specific topics to brand your work and create the awareness you need. However, whittle it down you must. Take your top 15 topics and reduce them to just three. Build those up until you are the primary expert in those niches. Then you can expand your brand, like adding on to a house. If you start with too many rooms, you will never be able to decorate and enjoy all the rooms in the house! You want to avoid the “Winchester Mystery House” effect of promoting too many topics that go nowhere.

    Create a strong brand, build your presence in the media and provide real strategies in a few key areas. Then you can build out your content platform and dazzle the media and the public with the many ways you can impact their lives for years to come.

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