Choose Your Strategic Partner Websites

    The question comes up all the time….how can an expert know which sites are going to be the most effective? There are many considerations, however let’s start with these simple and often crucial rules to online content placement.

    Rule #1: Work with sites that offer you some control of how and where your content is posted. Do not mass syndicate your content. Doing so is like taking a five year old and putting them on the corner in the morning with a sign that says “need day-care….return by 5:00 please.” You would never do that with your child so don’t do so with your life’s work. Reach out to websites on a one-on-one basis who provide feedback as to where and how your content will be used.

    Rule #2: Avoid sites that pay for your content. I know this sounds absurd but the truth is that most sites will pay very little for an article. They will require the rights to the content and you won’t be able to use it elsewhere. It’s worth much more in the long run to you if its posted on 5-10 well chosen websites then on one sites in return for a small fee.

    Rule #3: Match your sites by demographic, not just by topic. You may find the most receptive audience to your finance book for example, on a health website or even a cooking site. Do your research to really understand your demographic and then choose websites who reach your audience rather than simply reaching out to sites by topic alone.

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