About Sandy Lane PR

    My dad… Ed….he inspired me, motivated me and guided me to truly pursue my dreams. From meeting my idol, Olivia Newton John when I was 15 by flying me to Lake Tahoe and waiting until 3 am for her to come out and we were able to meet her, to motivating me to contact my mentor and friend Dr. Michele Borba after 20 years. Reconnecting with Michele evolved into a decade of supporting each other and helping each other build our businesses. She had been a dear friend and counselor in my high school years, a guidepost on raising truly caring kids as a mother and finally an inspiring partner in helping me put character and kindness above all else in life.

    When my dad was hit with a massive stroke and died 3 months later in 2015, it was the hardest time in my life, but also a testimony to a life of love, mutual respect, shared dreams and tremendous pride in each other. My life has been blessed with many mentors and loved ones who have had faith in me, supported me and allowed to be part of their lives to help my family and now through Sandy Lane PR, many others around the globe.

    Sandy Lane PR is my passion, my life’s work, and a living testimony to many people I love and who believed in me. When I rebranded my company in 2015 there was only one choice for a new name. A name that would always remind me of what matters. Integrity, compassion, pride and love for the special people in my life.

    Both of my now adult daughters, Rachel and Kasey work with me, making us truly a family business. In addition, we have a network of 8 other professionals who assist in managing and caring for our clients. We have a global network of nearly 6000 experts, media and resources through LinkedIn.com as well to insure we provide the greatest level of services we possibly can.

    Sandy Lane was my dad’s address where he lived with his wife Norma. I know he is still with me and I will always treasure all he did for me and my family. I bring that commitment to quality and passion to my work and hope to lift my clients’ work up as much as my dad for me.

    About Annie Leedom

    Annie Leedom is a graduate of San Jose State University’s School of Journalism. Annie began her professional career in sales and marketing working with Fortune 500 companies including ADVO Systems, General Mills and Purina Mills. After more than 12 years in a successful career in sales, Annie’s interests shifted when she became the mother of two daughters.

    Her passion for parenting, child psychology and Journalism led her to develop her current expertise in working with authors and experts in the parenting and spirituality fields to develop their Internet Publicity campaigns.

    Utilizing her skills and a growing list of clients, Annie formed Net Connect Publicity in 1999. As the Founder of Net Connect Publicity and her newly expanded company, Sandy Lane PR, Annie provides expert content for many channels of the Internet, including Parenting, Spirituality, Business, Health, Relationships and General Interest.

    Sandy Lane PR specializes in developing brand awareness and long-term partnerships between its clients and website editors. This allows Sandy Lane PR to remain a unique and effective solution for individual and corporations who wish to develop a prominent online presence and increase their brand awareness.

    Annie has strategically influenced and developed the online expert campaigns for many well-known authors including Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Dr. Michele Borba, Dr. Alan Greene, prominent anti-aging expert Lionel Bissoon, Winn Claybaugh, Founder of Paul Mitchell, The School, Joan Borysenko, Armin Brott and Academy Award Nominee Diane Ladd. Annie has also promoted companies and films including The Peaceful Warrior and The Shack.

    She also specializes in helping authors who are not prominently known by creating a national online media platform for their work, backed by the credibility of today’s leading online destinations. Working as a passionate advocate on behalf of her clients, Annie creates results that have become a trademark of Sandy Lane PR.

    Annie lives in the Los Angeles area with her two daughters, who are actively involved in her business. Annie is also the publisher or Parentingbookmark.com, a website that provides resources for raising caring kids.