Discover the Secrets to Effective Online PR

    Our consulting services include a variety of crucial elements you need to know to effectively promote your products and services, and then translate those into meaningful revenue.

    We will cover these and more…

    • Clearly Define Demographic
    • Assess Competition
    • Fine-Tune Brand Message
    • Analyze Website: Header, Navigation, Content
    • Targeted Websites/Genres
    • Revenue Models
    • Reporting and Analysis of Placements
    • Ongoing Outreach


    • Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
    • Monetization and Conversion
    • Exposure And Credibility

    Assess key branding elements…

    • Your Messaging and Tag Line
    • Website Look and Feel
    • Call to Action

    Online wish list creation…

    • Expert Placements
    • Diversity of Placements
    • Credibility
    • SEO Considerations
    • Traditional Media Targeting

    Content Considerations…

    • Articles should be 500-700 words in length
    • Include an introduction, 4-10 tips or strategies and a summary
    • No promotional references in the article itself
    • Keep your targeted keywords in mind when creating a title
    • Find a unique slant on your topic to stand out from competing content

    Determine effective online placements…

    • Accuracy of Posting
    • Analysis –; Sign ups; Sales; Media Requests; Speaking
    • Promotional Support
    • SEO Benefit
    • Expert Placement Option
    • Google Alert

    Conversion 101…

    • Create Strong Branding Product Tie-Ins
    • Incorporate Relevant Logos
    • Request Testimonials
    • Secure New and Relevant Placements
    • Include Total Monthly Uniques and Logos in Traditional Media Outreach, Speaking Materials, Proposals
    • Consulting is offered per hour or through package rates if you need more in-depth consultation. We work with you via phone and email.

    Contact us today to discuss how we can assist your PR efforts effectively.