Do it Yourself PR

    Working with a national online publicist with great connections can be highly effective to build your exposure. However, that isn’t always an option for experts just starting out and working with a limited PR budget.

    I offer consulting to help you build your brand, give you guidance to create convertible content and to seek out and secure effective sites on your own to promote your work.

    I also offer tools to help you do as much as possible on your own, as that is an option many new experts need. Working on your website, content and overall messaging is crucial to making an PR outreach effective. Learn the steps and strategies that need to be in place as you build your global platform.

    Knowing how to create convertible content, choose online media outlets, approach editors and secure strategic links is the critical, and often missing ingredient to positioning yourself as a highly recognized and credible national expert.

    We offer the following to help you create the system for effective PR on your own.

    • 2 powerful guides to learn everything you need to know to present yourself as a national expert and to then secure top media outlets.
    • Email support for 30 days to answer any questions
    • Set up on one national website for you to work with directly in your own time.

    The 2 guides and support are available now for only $149.99 and can be easily purchased by emailing Annie directly. Let me know you are interested in the DIY program and we can get you started quickly and provide the support you need to create your own expert platform in your own time.

    Effective PR is about time and money. If you have the time and do not have the money then this solution is perfect for you. Contact me if you have any questions.


    I look forward to working with you in whatever way works best for you!