PR Platform

    Creating exposure for your expertise, books, DVDs, services, and products throughout national media is a very specific and strategic aspect of creating a national platform and securing high SEO rankings.

    Sandy Lane PR takes great pride in providing customized media placements for your fiction or non-fiction book, product, or service with a network of powerful websites who value your work.

    We have a highly effective and loyal network of editors and producers from today’s leading media outlets who will promote an author’s or company’s work and link to various destinations to create number one SEO ranking, book sales, and newsletter sign-ups to support your revenue models.

    Our focus is predominantly to promote authors, experts, products, and services online. We are very focused and experienced, and have an established network of media outlets and a track record of success. Your brand, message, and overall presentation is the most important concern we have.

    The media outlets chosen, along with the manner in which you are presented, have a huge impact on our ability to create sales. We customize each campaign, providing specific strategies that work for each client and for our editors.

    Our focus exceeds creating simple buzz. It is your presence as an Expert, a columnist, a voice that people connect to and turn to ongoing that will create meaningful business for your books, products, and services. This presence will attract more traditional media, ongoing speaking and corporate spokesperson events, high SEO rankings and additional book deals.

    Unlike other agencies that are now moving into this digital form of PR, Sandy Lane PR helped establish this highly effective pathway, as we have been doing this for hundreds of authors, Experts, and companies since 1999.

    For authors, coaches, speakers, media Experts, or workshops, building a platform and creating passive revenue and a lasting media presence is what we do, regardless of your genre (fiction, non-fiction), product, or service.

    Contact us to discuss your PR goals. We are happy to discuss via email. Increasing your exposure and credibility or simply shifting and broadening your online demographic, we provide the results the build your businesses for years to come.

    Anne uses her extensive online relationships to place our content on sites that reach out to parents — our target demographic. Her service is a real time saver in the constant task for online visibility.”
    ~Cheryl Greene, Executive Producer,; Brand Manager, The Dr. Greene Company