What We Do

    Welcome to Sandy Lane PR, the most respected and relied upon Online Content Placement, Organic SEO and Management agency for experts, products, services, authors, and companies who want to promote their work online and achieve top Google ranking for their targeted keywords.


    Ask yourself right now…

    • Do you want to be part of a group of elite and highly sought after national experts?
    • Do you want to be known for your personal philosophy and the scope of your work?
    • Do you want to be closely associated with websites that have the power to influence millions?
    • Do you want to in the top five of the major search engines when producers search for their guests of choice?
    • Do you want your work to be the first stop on the public’s list of must see or do’s?
    • Do you want to become bigger than what you have done in the past and to create a national awareness of who you are?

    This is what Sandy Lane PR offers. We are not going to simply disperse your content to websites and Ezines who may wish to publish it.

    We are not going to just talk with you about ideas and not follow through. We are committed to creating ongoing, powerful partnerships between you and the destinations you pursue.

    Effective publicity is not just about being seen. It involves loyal associations that have the ability to influence, visibility that will lead you to the media that will make a difference, and to creatively compete on the cutting edge of technology in a world that changes literally every day.

    Sandy Lane PR provides you with the insight and knowledge to help you define your message and the power to make sure it impacts your strategic audience and SEO rankings in an ongoing and meaningful way.

    Contact us today for a free consultation to see if an online campaign is right for you.

    “I made a decision years ago that I didn’t want to work by myself anymore, and that I would surround myself with people smarter than me. That’s why I hired Annie Leedom. Thanks for being smarter than me and for giving my book BE NICE (OR ELSE!) a life and presence on the web!”
    ~Winn Claybaugh, Author, Speaker, and Co-founder of Paul Mitchell – The School